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Welcome to Chaotic Insanity (DCUO-EUPC) Homepage
Chaotic Insanity is a DCUO PC Villain League on the EU Server.

The league is centered on providing an opportunity for all players to meetup and have fun in playing DCUO. The league caters for experienced players to the elites where all game content are covered such as raids, alerts and more.

Guild Applications: To take part in this chaotic insanity league, send us your application by simply clicking on the following link Open Apps link near the top right, and the guild application form can be customized from there also.

LEAGUE IS BEING MERGED WITH DEVASTATORS, PM any of our/their members to get invited
04.09.2013 DLC 8 - hotfix

30.08.2013 Server Hotfix - August 30 2013 - Server Improvements

29.08.2013 Server Downtime - August 29 2013 - Sons of Trigon Early Access

20.08.2013 Server Downtime - August 20 2013 - Game Update 29

16.08.2013 Event held by Secret Society info and signups - here

15.08.2013 Server Hotfix Map Rotation

12.08.2013 Joining Secret Society - to run events with other Villains, everyone can register on

01.08.2013 Creative Director Letter: Sons Of Trigon

30.07.2013 Server Hotfix
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